We Love London Libraries

Love London Libraries

Here at the London Hate Crime Blog we can proudly say “We Love London Libraries”

We know from experience that they provide a vital hub for information and community services.

Libraries have always been much more than just places where people go to browse and borrow books – we know they are places were people can go to escape poverty, to learn information, to seek new opportunities, to feel safe, to overcome fears, to expand horizons, to beat isolation, to connect with local communities, and take part in a whole range of activities, from toddler reading groups to silver surfing computer groups.

They also provide us with an opportunity to provide and display hate crime information, to make this information more accessible by training library staff and volunteers how to provide support, signposting advice and support, encouraging hate crime reporting and space for anti-hate crime groups to meet and organise local campaigns.

Which is why we support events like the National Libraries Day which takes place in February each year and support the on-going save our library campaigns run by so many communities across London.

Our plans to support London Libraries in 2016

  • To promote National Library Day 2017.
  • To create and share a Twitter list of ‘London Libraries’ and a Twitter list of ‘Friends of Libraries’ organisations.
  • To create and share a google map of London Libraries.
  • To share and promote campaigns supporting London Libraries.

We hope to get funding to tour London Libraries with the London Hate Crime Stall later this year, to distribute hate crime information, train library staff and volunteers, signpost advice and support, encourage hate crime reporting and encourage communities to work together to tackle local hate crime issues.

If you represent a London Library and would like to be included on our Twitter and Google Map listings please email details to info @17-24-30.org

Useful links

London Borough Libraries Twitter profiles

@Barnetlibraries  @Bexleylibraries  @Brentlibraries  @Bromlibraries  @Camdenlibraries  @Citybibs  @Croydonlibs  @EalingLibs  @Enfieldlibrary @Greenwichlibs   @Hackneylibs  @Haringeylibrary  @HarrowLibs  @Haveringlibrary  @Hill_libraries  @Hounslowculture  @Islingtonlibs  @Kingston_libs  @Lamlibs  @Lewishamlibs @RBKClibraries @Redbridgelibs  @Richmondlibs  @Southwarklibs  @SuttonLibraries  @Wandsworthlibs   @WCClibraries

London Libraries Google Map




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Founder of 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign. I am passionate about tackling all forms of hate crime and an advocate of the #LoveNotHateCommunity
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