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West Mercia Police UK: Hate Crime Myths

West Mercia Police are running a series of hate crime myths on their website.

  • Myth 8 – “I didn’t thin it was serious enough to report it.”
  • Myth 10 – “My English isn’t very good so I can’t make a report”
  • Myth 11 – “I’ll have to go to court.”
  • Myth 12 – “He’s probably being abusive to other people, I am sure they will report it”
  • Myth 13 – “I’m not part of a ‘minority group’ so I can’t be a victim of a hate crime.”
  • Myth 14 – “I saw a hate crime but it didn’t happen to me so I can’t report it”
  • Myth 16 – “The Police won’t understand it from my perspective, so I am wasting my time reporting it.”
  • Myth 17 – “Even if someone is found guilty of a hate crime they won’t be properly punished.”

More information on the West Mercia Police Hate Crime Home Page.

SWEDEN: Gay Swedish politician held at knife point at home in hate crime attack

Joseph Patrick McCormick writes for Pink News about the attack on 21 year old Alexander Bengtsson. Full story here.

Middle East Eye CANADA: Islamophobia hotline to help victims of anti-Muslim hate crime in Canada.

Reporting that a new helpline has been set up to respond to a rise in Islamophobic hate crimes. Full report here.

San Leandro USA: Suspect charged with hate crime for racist graffiti in San Leadro.

Cody Sisson admitted to police that he has sprayed racial slurs and the words “white power” on the school building because he hates Christianity and African-Americans. Full report here on Kron.com

New York USA: Prospect Park stabbing suspect charged in February hate crime, cops say.

Alison Fox reports for amny.com about Kenny Rochelin, a 26 year old charged with assault, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon after stabbing two men in Prospect Park. He has also been charged for stabbing a 25 year old Jewish man on the 10th February last month. More details here.

New York USA: Bisexual man convicted on hate crime after killing gay man.

Case continues to make headlines around the world. Manhattan Man Convicted of Hate Crime in 2013 shooting

University of Wisconsin-Platteville USA: Crime laws defined in Stop the Hate Crime presentation.

Report by Kelsey Farmer for the EXPONENT on the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Stop the Hate Program which held an informative session about hate crime laws on March 3. Read the report here.

Portland, OREGON USA: Cold case detectives solve 1982 hate crime murder of gay man; suspect is dead

Laura Rilos reports on how new evidence produced by a witness 33 years after the murder of Robbie Altom helped solve the case. Cecil Corrie Turner homophobically abused and assaulted Robbie Altom and left him bleeding and unconscious outside JB’s Paradise Room, he was found in the early hours of Nov 8, 1982 and died three days later. Unfortunately Cecil Corrie Turner died in 2009 so he will not be brought to justice.  Full story on kitv.com here.

Iowa, USA: Hate Crime Law currently being debated to protect transgender people.

Adel’s Republican Senator Jake Chapman proposed an amendment to the bill to make abortion a ‘hate crime’ but the proposal was eventually ruled out. Full article on The Des Moines Register here. Also reported on Raw Story here and Lifesitenews here.

The Interfaith Alliance of Iowa released a statement supporting the move to include gender identity in Iowa’s hate crime laws and the amendment passed with the support of all 26 Democrats and Republican Senator Charles Schneider who voted yes. The bill has yet to be voted on in the Republican-controlled House and there are fears that it may run out of time before the legislative Friday deadline.


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