Hate Watch 12/03/16

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Round up of google ‘hate crime’ alerts…

The headlines


After Senator Jake Chapman’s failed attempt to make abortion a hate crime against unborn children Micaiah Bilger at LifeNews.com suggests “Sometimes legislators introduce measures to make a point about an issue or a marginalised group. Even if their legislation has little hope of passing, it can often raise awareness of a problem or persuade people to think twice about their position”. Hopefully Senator Jake Chapman will think twice about his position after he was quickly shut down by other legislators and then widely criticized in the media.

Cody Austin Sisson, 21 of San Leandro admits he “hates Christianity and African-Americans” after  spray-painting racist graffiti on a school district office. News of his charges were reported by Harry Harris and Angela Ruggiero, Bay Area News Group. Sisson apparently said he “believed the white race is a superior race and believed the graffiti would cause terror in those that saw it”. How could anyone believe that the actions of a superior race would be to run round with a couple of spray cans vandalising schools?

The residents of Hood River stood together to say that hate has no place in their community after a local monk Kozen Sampson was attacked by a man who mistook him to be a Muslim. Good to see the residents speaking out and saying that these types of attacks are unacceptable.

In another case of mistaken identity, Jefferey C. Pittman, 44 apparently thought the Sikh Temple of Spokane was a Mosque. New reports say he ripped up the temple’s holy book, The Guru Granth Sahib, thinking it was a copy of the Koran. He later admitted to using meth three days before the attack and drinking that night.The Spokane Interfaith Council has established a GoFundMe “Spokane Sikh Temple” page to raise $20,000 to repair the damage to the temple.

Meanwhile a 17 year old has been sentenced to 200 hours community service and must also pay restitution – estimated at $4.870, attend high school every day as well as counseling for anger management, cultural awareness, and substance abuse. The teenager beat Sikh American Inderjit Singh Mukker in Chicargo last September. Harsimran Kaur from the Sikh Coalition said “The importance of a hate crime charge was never about endorsing a harsher penalty for the assailant, but rather ensuring that our government agencies and the American public acknowledge the problem.”

Shujay Oberoi, a Muslim shop keeper living is Los Angeles is suing three teenage boys (and their parents) linked to an attack he suffered on the 11th September last year, where he was severely beaten with metal baseball bats. He is claiming that it was a premeditated violent attack based upon his race and religion. The older teens, who have since turned 18 have admitted to robbery and assault charges whilst the younger boy admitted to one count of conspiracy to commit a robbery.

On the Your West Valley opinion page an anonymous venter claims that a group of blacks attacked and severely beat a decorated white Marine in Florida. It is claimed that this is further proof that Obama and the Justice Department are bias and racial.

Whilst Presidential hopeful Donald Trump continues to stir up racial tensions with his “I think Islam hates us” statements. Arsalan Bukhari, executive director of the Washington chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations challenges Trumps position stating “We need a candidate who is going to unify our country during hard times. We need someone who will tell our nation what plan they have to get us on the right track in terms of the economy, and what they are going to do for our children and their education. That’s the kind of leader we need, versus this sort of divisive talk”.


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