Hatewatch 13/03/2016

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Round up of ‘hate crime’ google alerts 13/03/2016

Critics of a new bill to expand Ohio’s existing hate crime laws to cover the LGBT community argue that it would constitute a special privilege, many believing that existing laws already include protection from discrimination. However this article outlines that this is not the case and explains why the new law is required.

The bill to extend the hate crime legislation failed to get passed.

Anthony Morales 19 and Matthew Katker 18 are facing charges of criminal damage, institutional vandalism and hate crime, after they allegedly spraying racist and homophobic messages along with Donald Trumps name on the Alice Millar Chapel. It appears that the suspects were caught on cctv entering the church with spray cans in their hands.

The number of reported hate crimes in Oslo, Norway has more than doubled in 2015. Racist hate crime increased from 28 to 70 cases, faith hate crimes from 15 to 40 cases and homophobic hate crimes from 25 to 33 cases.

In George County, Joshua ‘Josh’ Vallum is facing a first degree murder charge for the killing of 17 year old transgender Mercedes Williamson. He allegedly beat her to death with a hammer and buried her in a field behind his fathers house.


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Founder of 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign. I am passionate about tackling all forms of hate crime and an advocate of the #LoveNotHateCommunity
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