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Round up of ‘hate crime’ Google alerts 18/03/2016

Lifesite a USA pro-life organisation attempts to turn the good news that Scotland is training 60 police officers to fight LGBT hate crime into a debate about the “homosexual agenda” referencing groups such as Focus on the Family and American’s for Truth About Homosexuality. Their article quotes anti-homosexuality activist  Peter La Barbeara who says the term “hate” has been “bastardized” and turned into a weapon to suppress fair comment by groups such as his. Another ‘Catholic crusader’, Brother Damon Kelly is also quoted dismissing the idea that homosexuals are victimised in Great Britain. Andrea Williams, Executive Director of the Christian Legal Centre in London is also quoted.

Deep Water, set in contemporary Bondi (Australia) the new SBS crime drama is inspired by the unresolved gay-hate crime epidemic that swept Sydney in the 80’s and 90’s. Yael Stone from Orange is the New Black and Noah Taylor from Game of Thrones are involved in the project, alongside Dan Spielman, Danielle Cormack, William McInnes, Craig McLachlan, Simon Burke, Jeremy Lindsay and Renee Lim.

ST Paul, Minnesota Senate committee has passed a bill that will increase penalties for felony assaults motivated by hate bias. The new law was proposed by Senator Ron Latz after a hate motivated incident when Asma Jama was struck with a beer mug because she was speaking Swahili at the Applebee’s in Coon Rapids.

In Albany County five scammers; John Risto 61, Henry Hicks,  Jessica Paradiso, Brian Barr and his mother Susan Barr were jailed for an 18 month crime spree targeted at nearly a dozen elderly citizens including a 90 year old woman with Alzheimer’s disease. Under the states law, targeting victims because of their disability is considered a hate crime and carries enhanced penalties.

Swansea’s Unity LGBT Centre is launching an LGBT hate crime drop in service following reports last October that Wales has seen a 20% increase in hate crime. Unity Group Wales Website  Facebook  @unitygroupwales

In Ireland, Leonie Kerins, director of DORAS Luimni is calling for the introduction of legislation against hate crime in order to protect victims of racism and discrimination.

Charles Genet 43,  from Decatur was arrested after allegedly yelling racist terms at his neighbours and raising a confederate flag on his front porch.

In Toronto there has been an increase in reported Islamophobic hate crime incidents after the Paris attacks last November but residents have shown their support to the local Muslim community via a series of marches and events including the Je Suis Hijabi campaign. Safwan Choundhry, speaking on behalf of the Ahmaddiyya Muslim community says the mood has shifted as Toronto has shown it’s ‘true character’ supporting the Muslim community.

NBCnews.com reports on the outcome of a meeting organised by the NYPD and leaders of the Asian American Community in Queens. Approximately 50 people attended the event after recent attacks to discuss how to improve the police’s operational response to these attacks and build the communities confidence that these incidents will be dealt with effectively.

Khondoker Usama, the student body vice president at Wichita State University, in Kansas, said at a press conference this week that he and his friend has been attacked by a Trump supporter over their ethnicities.

Dan Popp faces possible hate crime charges after he murdered three people including Puerto Rican Jesus Manso-Perez, and married couple Mia and Phia Vue. Racism is being considered as a possible motivation for the murders.

More coverage of Andy Benavidez, the man who claims he is allergic to black people and that this motivated him to racial abuse and beat a man whilst wearing a surgical mask.


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