Hatewatch 20/03/2016

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Round up of ‘hate crime’ Google alerts 20/03/2016

Following an altercation between drivers at Aldi in Cheadhle Heath, Greater Manchester Police are investigating allegations of a race hate crime. Photos of the alleged perpetrators car have been circulated on Facebook.

A freedom of information request has revealed that the youngest victim of Faith hate crime in Greater Manchester was only five year old, whilst the oldest victim of Race Hate Crime was 104 years old.

Contact details for Northern Ireland’s Hate Crime Advocacy Co-ordinator – we have updated our Northern Ireland information page on the London Hate Crime Blog.

A new charter to tackle hate crime has been launched by Lincolnshire Police and local councils in the East Midlands. DI Dan Whyment quoted.

Following the murder 19 year old Nick Hawkins of Dora, renewed efforts are going to be made by Alabama state representatives Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, and Patricia Todd, D-Birmingham, to add sexual orientation to Alabama’s hate crime law. Nick Hawkins identified as bisexual. It is hoped that the momentum gained from winning marriage equality will help their push to protect LGBT Alabamaian’s from hate violence.

In Colorando USA Kenneth Buck has introduced legislation in Congress to expand existing federal hate crime law to include Police officers. The move is supported by the National Fraternal Order of Police President Chuck Canterbury.

The outcome of the San Jose State University hate crime trial continues to keep hate crime on the agenda as last Thursday over a hundred people vented their frustration about the verdict and called upon the University to do more to tackle racism. The new permanent president, Mary Papazian, arrives this summer with a record of improving African-American students’ academic success.

Boston police are investigating a possible hate crime after a Molotov cocktail-like device was hurled through a window into the living room of a South Boston home. The victim of the attack says “They’ve been really good, the Boston police,” the woman said. “They brought the civil rights detectives out here just to make sure because we’re gay, and I’m black, and they just wanted to go through all the avenues.”

Applebee’s attack victim supports hate crime bill in Minnesota here.





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