Met Police – Message to the Community

Statement from Mak Chishty, Commander, Community Engagement

“We are all aware of the shocking and tragic attacks in Brussels (22/03/2016); first
and foremost I would like to express that our heartfelt prayers and wishes are
to all those involved and to the Belgian nation.

We are still in the early stages of learning about what took place but I would
like to reassure you that we have increased policing presence at key locations,
including transport hubs, to protect the public and provide reassurance.  I
would like to stress that this is NOT in response to any specific intelligence
relating to London or any specific community, rather our concern about how
communities may be feeling.

I am personally writing to you this morning and asking for your support through
the next few days when communities may naturally be feeling a sense of
uncertainty and require us to help reassure them.

I would be grateful if you can use your networks and messaging systems to reach
as many of your community members as possible to convey the following messages;
Officers and uniformed police staff will be out and about as part of London’s
community life, they have all been briefed and would welcome members of the
community approaching them and will do their best to help reassure them.

If any member of the community spots anything unusual within their community
that they do not feel happy about then please report this to police using the
101 number or if its urgent 999.  You can also call the confidential
Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321.

It is with regret but something that we have come to realise through experience
is that hate crime can increase and I would ask that any incident of hate or
hate crime is immediately reported and assure you that it will receive a fast
response and be dealt with by specialist officers.

I would also like to this opportunity to bring our advice on the steps to take
to keep safe in the event of a firearms or weapons attack to your notice which
can be found on the National Police Chiefs Council website:

On a final note and I know I speak for all of us in saying that #westandtogether
with Belgium and together we can send out a strong message of defiance against
who seek to terrorise us.  Please can I ask you to encourage all of our
communities to simply send the message that ‘we will always stand together’ on
twitter and other social media.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.”

London Hate Crime Blog Useful links


About Mark172430

Founder of 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign. I am passionate about tackling all forms of hate crime and an advocate of the #LoveNotHateCommunity
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