An important message from the DMPC

Reporting Hate Crime – a message from Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.


Dear colleague,

London is rightly recognised as a city of tolerance and inclusion, something the Mayor and I are keen to work together with communities to build upon in the years ahead.

As well as using our platforms in public life to celebrate the rich diversity of our city and encourage a more inclusive society, we are also determined to pursue a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime.

We are concerned by the reported increase in racial hate crimes following the referendum result. I wanted to make contact to assure you that City Hall and the Metropolitan Police Service MPS are giving these reports our fullest attention. I am receiving daily briefings on hate crimes and I remain in close contact with the police and partners.

The Mayor and I are working to raise awareness of the ways of reporting hate crime to the police, so that they can take action to bring the perpetrators to justice and so that victims can get the support they need:

By phone: call 999 in an emergency, or 101 in a non-emergency.

In person: At any police station with a front counter

Through an app: the MOPAC Hate Crime reporting app can be downloaded for Android or Apple at MOPAC Hate Crime App

Online: at

Community monitoring groups: you should report all hate crimes to the police, but you can also use community reporting methods such as Tell MAMA for Islamophobic incidents or the Community Security Trust for anti-Semitic offences.

By working together we can encourage and support victims of hate crime to come forward. I would therefore welcome your help in spreading this message to raise awareness of the importance of reporting hate crime and the ways to do so amongst your friends, colleagues and communities.

Thank you,

Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime

Sophie is the former Deputy Mayor of Hackney, with lead responsibility for crime and community safety, neighbourhood and civic engagement. Prior to this, she was Special Adviser on Policing and Crime to Home Secretary David Blunkett.

Outside of powers to issue a Police and Crime Plan, and to appoint and remove senior Met officers, the role of Deputy Mayor for Policing & Crime (DMPC) in London is similar to that of an elected Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elsewhere. Although not directly elected, once the Mayor as occupant of MOPAC delegates his authority, the DMPC has all other powers and duties of a PCC.

The DMPC leads MOPAC and is accountable to the Mayor for:

  • the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan
  • for ensuring oversight of the police
  • driving effective criminal justice and crime reduction services across London

The DMPC works with a range of agencies and service providers to improve services in our city, and with one important exception – the national Strategic Policing Requirement – the DMPC does not answer to Whitehall, but to Londoners. She has a duty to consult with local people in setting her objectives.

In London, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police answers to the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, with a separate reporting line to the Home Secretary on national matters. He must at all times retain the confidence of both the Mayor (and DMPC) and the Home Secretary.

More information about how the Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime is tackling hate crime is available on the Greater London Authority’s website here.


About Mark172430

Founder of 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign. I am passionate about tackling all forms of hate crime and an advocate of the #LoveNotHateCommunity
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