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Silver Sunday is a national day for older people on the first Sunday of October, which was launched in 2012 to help overcome loneliness. It is aimed to provides an opportunity for older people to try something new, meet new people and have an uplifting day.

It’s also an opportunity for you to highlight the services or opportunities that are available all year round.

In October 2015 over 570 free events and activities took place across the UK with over 3,000 people taking part. All events were organised by local organisations, businesses and community groups who donated their time and resources to make it a memorable day for all those involved.

Feedback from 200 people who attended these events showed that Silver Sunday achieves its aims of helping people to try new things (92%) and get out and about and meet new people (90%).

Silver Sunday was also successful in reaching new people – 57% of people attended a Silver Sunday event for the first time.

The people who attend the events are extremely positive about their individual event as well as Silver Sunday as a whole with 92% agreeing it helps them to feel part of their community. The longer-term benefits of Silver Sunday are also evident – 83% found out about other local events and services as a result of Silver Sunday and 68% said they are likely to keep in contact with the people they met.

If you are able to support Silver Sunday once again, please do let the organisers of Silver Sunday know so they can promote your event on their website and through other channels such as e-newsletters, magazines and social media.

The events do not need to be on the first Sunday in October but can be in the weeks before or after if this is works out easier for you.

Attached is event/activity confirmation form for you to submit your details. Please send your completed form to, and if you have any other questions please let Eva Caley know. Please also forward this email to any of your contacts who you think may like to be involved as well.

Download the booking form here: Silver Sunday National Event booking form 2016 (1)

Thank you for your support of Silver Sunday which makes a real difference to the lives of older people.

More information on the Silver Sunday website here!



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