Hi and welcome to the London Hate Crime Blog,

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My name is Mark Healey and I am the founder of the 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign.

17-24-30 is a small charity registered with HMRC ref XT30898 which I run in my spare time.

The organisation was launched on Facebook in April 2009 to mark the 10th anniversary of the London Nail Bomb attacks on Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho.

We organise the April Acts of Remembrance #AAR each year.

In October 2009 we organised the first London Vigil Against Hate Crime for Ian Baynham who died after he was homophobically abused and assaulted in Trafalgar Square. This inspired similar vigils against hate crime to take place around the UK and abroad.

Vigil against Hate Crime.jpg

The first vigil was attended by over 10,000 and has now evolved into National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NHCAW which takes place between the second and third Saturday of October each year.

Three years later, I was nominated and selected to be an Olympic Torch Bearer for my anti-hate crime work, and carried the Olympic Torch on day 66 of it’s journey through the borough of Lewisham (23rd July 2012). The same day Doreen Lawrence carried the torch for her son Stephen Lawrence.

Later the same year I was a new entry (80) on the Independent’s Pink List 2012.

I carried the torch in memory of those who should have been with us to enjoy the Olympic and Paralympic games, but who were not with us – because their lives were cut short by acts of hatred.

On September 11th 2013 I started work as the full-time Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator at Lambeth Council where I launched Lambeth’s Hate Crime Awareness Campaign and set up the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog.

In December 2014 the Mayor of London launched his MOPAC Hate Crime Reduction Strategy for London, and I was invited to sit on the London Hate Crime Panel and Delivery Group.

The plan included action 2 “to work with partners to develop a London-wide hate crime awareness campaign leading up to hate crime awareness week” and lead to 5,000 hate crime packs being distributed to organisations across London.

On the 23rd June 2015 I was recognised by the Prime Minister as the 272nd UK Point of Light for my hate crime work. I received the award at Pride in London on the main stage in Trafalgar Square.


“You have created an inspiring movement to end prejudice and discrimination in our country. 17-24-30 and the National Hate Crime Awareness Week which you have established are doing vital work in raising awareness and challenging the beliefs that can lead to abhorrent crimes.”

PM David Cameron

Unfortunately despite public recognition and support for my work, Lambeth Council deleted the Lambeth Hate Crime Coordinator’s role on the 31 march 2016.

I am passionate about tackling hate crime and spreading a message of HOPE which is why I have set up the London Hate Crime Blog to continue this work.

HOPE stands for Hate Crime Awareness, Preventing Hate Crime, Operational Response to Hate Crime and Empowering communities report hate crime and access victim support services.

My aim is to promote a London-wide hate crime awareness campaign supporting the objectives laid out in the Government’s Hate Crime strategy “Challenge it, Report it, Stop It” launched in March 2012, and updated in May 2012.

  • To prevent hate crime.
  • To encourage reporting and increase victim access to support.
  • To improve operational response to hate crime.

As well as supporting the Mayor of London’s MOPAC Hate Crime Reduction Strategy.

The blog will promote hate crime awareness by advertising hate crime awareness events and activities, helping to signpost and support the anti-hate crime work being done by local authorities, councils, police, key partners and communities affected by hate crime.

I hope you’ll join me to make it clear that there is #NoPlaceForHate in London!

Mark Healey

Founder 17-24-30

17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign,

Studio 151, 15 Ingestre Place, London W1F 0JH

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