Hate Crime Awareness Campaign

London HCAC Pyramid

Our aim is to promote a London-wide hate crime awareness campaign in the lead up to National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NHCAW each year.

HOPE for London

HOPE for London

The four key HOPE objectives;

  • Hate Crime Awareness
  • Operational Response
  • Prevention
  • Encourage Reporting and increase access to support.

These objectives tie in with the key areas of work outlined in the Government’s National Hate Crime Strategy “Challenge it, Report it, Stop It”, and the Mayor Office Policing And Crime (MOPAC)’s “Hate Crime Reduction Strategy for London”.

London Hate Crime Reporting Card

The initial concept of this campaign is to produce a business card promoting the three main reporting routes that people can use to report hate crime.

LGBTBlogLondon Card side b

Reporting Routes

A simple message promoting the three main reporting routes;

  • Police
  • Councils
  • 3rd Party Independent organisations

3 main options

In the first instance we encourage people to call the police as they are best placed to respond to emergency situations. 999 in an emergency, 101 if not.

We have three police services that cover London; The Metropolitan Police Service, City of London Police and British Transport Police.

Reports to any police service can be made online via the True Vision website here. Or text reports to the British Transport police via 61016. Guidance on what to text available here.

Some people are uncomfortable dealing with the police, so secondly we encourage them to contact their local councils.

The third alternative, people can report to independent advice and support organisations which we will list on the London Hate Crime Blog here.

Use Modern Technology

It is worth noting that people can also use mobile phone apps and on-line reporting services to report hate crime – we have listed these services on the blog here.

Neighbours ASB consult your landlord

If people live in social housing and experience anti-social behaviour from their neighbours they should raise it with their landlords here.

The 30 second sell

The cards can be easily distributed at community events throughout the year, included on hate crime stalls, handed out at meetings.

They are business card size, so hopefully the recipient will put them in their purse or wallet, possibly forgetting about them until they need them.

Hate Crime - if it happens to you

The simple message as the card is handed out “Hate Crime – if it happens to you tell someone about it”, positive encouragement to report hate crime.

The five minute briefing sheet

When we have longer we will give people the London Hate Crime Briefing sheet which provides a bit more information about hate crime and what we are doing to tackle it.

The aim of both the reporting card and the briefing sheet is to steer people towards our social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter and the blog.

London Hate Crime Blog


This is our main information sharing tool, the blog is organised into structured sections as outlined here (link to blog project page to be added).

We will need to do a lot of research to obtain the information we need for the blog, and establish good working relationships with each of our key partners.