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London Hate Crime Awareness Campaign B&W

LHCB - Police

In an emergency report hate crime to the police on 999, they are in the best position to respond. In an non-emergency you contact the police on 101.

You can report hate crime online to the police via the True Vision website

MPS/Police social media

MPS police stations and contact points in Lambeth

You can report hate crime at any of these police stations and contact points.

The two police stations in Lambeth are Brixton Police Station and Kennington Police Station, there are five other police contact points across the borough including Cavendish Road, Gipsy Hill, Loughborough Junction, Wetsminster Bridge and Streatham.

Lambeth MPS Senior Leadership Team

  • Borough Commander – Chief Superintendent Richard Wood
  • Operations & Paternship Superindendent – Neil Patton
  • CID Detective Superintendent – Sean Oxley
  • Chief Inspecter Neighbourhood Policing & Business Engagement – Roy Smith
  • Chief Inspector Emergency Response & Custody – Tony Hirst
  • Inspector Strategic Partnerships – Jack Rowlands
  • Acting Detective Chief Inspector Public Protection – Will White
  • Detective Chief Inspector Intelligence – Jim Redmond

Lambeth MPS Community Safety Unit (Brixton Police Station)

Brixton Community Safety Unit investigate hate crime cases in the borough.

  • Detective Inspector Domenica Catino (leaving 7th March 2016)
  • DC Lou Jones CID Hate Crime Single Point of Contact

Lambeth MPS Partnership Team

The partnership team work with the council, key organisations and community leaders.

  • Inspector Jack Rowlands
  • Community Liaison Officer PC Lance Edmondson
  • Faith Liaison Officer PC Damien Tulloch-foley
  • Disability Liaison Officer PC Benjamin Blaszcyk (Ferndale neighbourhood ward)

Lambeth MPS LGBT Liaison Officers

Lambeth has a team of 12 volunteer MPS LGBT  liaison officers who liaise with the local LGBT scene and community.

You can email the LGBT team via LGBT-LX

Lambeth MPS Safer Schools Team

The safer schools team work with Lambeth schools.

  • Sergeant Graham Norman

Lambeth MPS Safer Neighbourhoods

The borough has 21 wards, and is organised into three police neighbourhood areas; North, Central and South.

  • North Neighbourhood is managed by Inspector Lance lamnea, covering Princes, Bishops, Oval, Stockwell,Larkhall and Vassal wards and Safer Neighbourhood Teams.
  • Central Neighbourhood is managed by Inspector Daniel Rutland, covering Brixton Hill, Clapham Common, Clapham Town, Coldharbour, Herne Hill, Ferndale and Tulse Hill wards and Safer Neighbourhood Teams.
  • South Neighbourhood is managed by Inspector Morag Palmer, covering Gypsy Hill, Knights Hill, Streatham Wells, Thorton, Streatham Hill, Streatham South, St Leonards and Thurlow Park wards and Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

Lambeth MPS Safer Neighbourhood Ward Teams

Dedicated Ward Officers

LHCB - Council

You can report hate crime online to the council using the Lambeth hate crime reporting form.

You can contact Lambeth Council online, by telephone 020 7926 1000, by post or in person at Brixton Customer Service Centre, Olive Morris House, 18 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RD

Lambeth Council Social Media

Lambeth Council Community Safety Service

Is based on the 6th floor at International House. The borough is currently organised into three areas in line with the North, Central and South, MPS Lambeth neighbourhood areas.

The service is currently going through a restructure. Update to follow in March 2016.

Lambeth Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator

The council currently employees a full-time Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Healey to work across the council, with the police, key partners and communities affected by hate crime.

You can contact Mark at mhealey1

You can report hate crime via the on-line Lambeth Council Hate Crime Reporting Form.

Information about the council’s hate crime work is on the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog.

You can also like the Lambeth Hate Crime Prevention Coordinator’s Facebook page and follow @Lambethhcc on Twitter.

Lambeth Council buildings

  • Blue Star House
  • International House
  • Olive Morris House
  • Phoenix House

Lambeth Libraries

Most of the Lambeth Library staff should be able to help you access the hate crime information on the Lambeth Hate Crime Blog. Ask them if you need assistance.

  • Brixton Library
  • Carneigie Library
  • Clapham Library
  • Durning Library
  • Minet Library
  • Streatham Library
  • Tate South Lambeth Library
  • Upper Norwood Library
  • West Norwood Library
  • Waterloo Library


LHCB - Victim Support.jpg

Victim Support Lambeth

If you’ve been a victim of any crime or have been affected by a crime committed against someone you know, Victim Support Lambeth can help you find the strength to deal with what you’ve been through.

Victim Support Lambeth’s services are free, confidential and available to everyone, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened.

Victim Support Lambeth, part of the Victim Support South London Area, have a team of caseworkers who are specially trained in supporting those who have been affected by hate crime.

More details of what Victim Support do can be found on their national website.

National Website

Victim Support line

  • 08 081 689 111
  • Monday to Friday 8pm to 8 am, Sat/Sun 9 to 5

Local Address

  • 17-19 Falcon Road, Clapham Junction SW11 2PH
  • Office open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
  • Feel welcome to drop in during these hours.

Local Office Telephone

  • 020 7801 1777
  • Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Drop in Services

Victim Support Lambeth hold drop in sessions at We Are 336 (every Wednesday 10 am to 1 pm) and Clapham Library (every Friday 2 pm to 5 pm).

LHCB - Disability.jpg

The Disability Hate Crime Partnership Lambeth was founded in October 2014 to bring Disabled People’s Organisations in the borough together to tackle disability hate crime.

Trust for London is funding a Disability Hate Crime Project at We Are 336, which will start in April 2016.

LHCB - Faith

The Faith Hate Crime Working Group meet at International House on the first Tuesday of each month.

LHCB - Gender Identity

For details of how Lambeth is tackling Gender Identity hate crime in the borough see the Lambeth LGBT Community Network under Sexuality below.



LHCB - Sexuality


LHCB - Other

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